Provide 24/7 Self- Service Support &
Automated Messaging

With IVR, businesses can streamline basic but time-consuming tasks, while giving customers access to 24/7 self-service support.


TelCom USA Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated messaging solution that provides customers access to 24/7 self-service phone support and enables businesses to streamline basic but time-consuming tasks like sending appointment reminders and satisfaction surveys.

TelCom USA IVR directly integrates with any PBX and database and reduces the time and frequency of human interactions. With IVR, employees can focus on more inquiries best suited for interactions with a live person — leading to increased First Call Resolution, lower Average Handle Time (AHT) and consistent delivery of extraordinary customer experiences.

IVR Features

With IVR, contact center agents or employees can focus on interactions that can be more efficiently handled with personalized, human interaction. IVR reduces Average Handle Time, increases First Call Resolution, and creates an exceptional experience for the customer every time.