Contact Center WFM

Simplified Management of Scheduling,
Forecasting, and Adherence

With WFM, managers can access team performance & efficiency data from a single, centralized location.


TelCom USA Workforce Management (WFM) has the scheduling, forecasting, and adherence tools supervisors rely on built directly in TelCom USA Contact Center — eliminating the need for ad-hoc, “bolted-on” solutions and external spreadsheets.

With all of these tools in one place, managers can now easily access team performance and efficiency data from a single, centralized location. They can identify and intelligently plan for staffing needs, maximize team output, increase organizational accountability, and streamline customer-facing processes across the entire organization.

Scheduling Features

Adherence Features

Forecasting Features & Other Features

With these comprehensive WFM tools, managers are empowered to create new efficiencies and identify new ways to improve the customer experience. The end result: employees have greater accountability, which leads to quicker, more personalized and satisfying customer experiences — the kind that build loyalty and trust every time.